My favorite Shanghai moments for Vogue

“I’m in Vogue.”

Words I never thought I’d utter.

I was recently approached by to contribute to a special feature on Shanghai, much like they had done for London, New York and Paris, among others. It showcased the coolest hotels, best clothes and accessories, and interviews with the hippest and coolest artist or designer. They end with a showcase of photography that best captures the city, so I’m quite flattered I get to share Shanghai through my eyes.

Shanghai is the first Asian city has featured for this series which speaks to how important this city has become to the fashion world.

To put my very small footprint in the fashion world, I submitted a few more “street style” shots, the above being my favorite, and peppered the rest with Shanghai on a regular day. These fashionably breezy ladies were standing next to me at a very busy intersection of Nanjing East Road. Their burst of complementing colors called out, one can only appreciate.

I’ve never really been one for shooting street fashion but I have to say it may well be time for me to pick it up on a good day because there are some really adventurous dressers roaming in our fair city!

Apologies for being a little quiet of late here on the blog, we will resume regular writing soon as I push past a busier than usual schedule. I’m posting daily on the blog’s Facebook page which is more timely with what I’ve been discovering around town. I hope you’ll join me there! Shanghai In Fokus 1



  • Wow, congratulations! That’s so exciting to be featured in Vogue. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Reply March 11, 2016


    Hi ! I just discovered your blog this week and really enjoyed your work you’re doing for the preservation or at least knowing of what happends to old China… I would be curious to discover what s going on in Hangzhou, where I live… I have to check ! This vogue intermede is nice in the middle of all the seriousness also 🙂 That’s great for you to be featured in whooo !
    Have a nice day !

    • Reply March 21, 2016

      Sue Anne

      Thank you! Vogue is a bit of departure and makes it all the more fashionable. Hangzhou is great, I know little but share what you have!

  • Reply March 21, 2016


    Hey ! Thanks for your reply. I keep on talking about your blog to my friends and they re all amazed. I don t know a lot about the old neighbourhodd in Hangzhou but this week end, walking, we ve been through one that is in big work. A lot is already destructed, some houses remain but not for long. The streets back to it are already a renovated shikumen, all clean and cold with a nice sign at the entrance and a big hotel-to-be-in-shikumen-style on the side. Its between Dongpo lu and Hubin lu on the east side of the lake…
    I keep you posted if I find some others…

    • Reply May 1, 2016

      Sue Anne

      I have shared the news of this Hangzhou renovated shikumen hotel on the blog’s FB page before (, I can’t find the link, you may want to scroll through the archives. It is very fancy from what I see. This seems to be the only way for them to survive physically, retaining the old community vibe with them seems more of a socio-economic issue.

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