Moving out and moving on

Moving out and moving on

It was the same story. The area by Lanyi Dock Road (赖义码头) was half-demolished and residents have more or less emptied out.

This family had over 20 people involved – hired movers and family members – in vacating the house they owned for over 2 decades. Boxes were hastily wrapped and movers were working at a pace that was as efficient as it was careless.

The workers were in a hurry. To save time, they began to haul boxes out of a window.

“Not so hard!” the owner screamed as a worker roughly dropped a box onto the floor, “I’ve got valuables in there!”

Separated by a wall, demolition workers were busy tearing down an adjacent house.

Down the road, I suddenly noticed a man wheeling a mattress into his house.

“Are people moving in?” I asked a former resident standing next to me.

He scoffed. “Why in the world would anyone move in when they are demolishing the place? They must have just bought a bed, that’s all.”

He shook his head, “It wouldn’t make sense for anyone to move in here at this time.”

Located by Lanyi Dock Road (赖义码头) near Nanpu Bridge (南蒲大桥) Road.

January 2010


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