The bazaars of kyrgyzstan (part 3): light and shadows

Kyrgyzstan’s street bazaars are awashed in a dizzying array of colors – the vintage hues of the former Soviet Union cling onto the infrastructure, the blaring contrast of bold plastic on all Chinese mass manufactured objects, and the undercurrent of Middle Eastern influences in clothing and culture.

KZG street market BW 01

The colors sometimes burn a little brighter under the shards of sunlight piercing through the incongruous slates in the roof.

Even amidst the thronging crowds on a busy afternoon, where voices raise in negotiation and shuffling bodies press close, it is not impossible to seek isolated moments, thanks to the delightly play of light and shadows.

KZG street market BW 03

You can read and view more of Kyrgyzstan’s street bazaars here.


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    qiii isn’t that mean of you to talk of colours… and offer us BW? Any color version of #5?

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