A review of 2011 (part two)

It’s the second day of 2012. How are you doing on your long list of resolutions?

This is the second portion of my review of 2011, a list of my favorite stories on Shanghai Street Stories. I’d love to hear from readers: is there a photo or story that you have read this year (not necessarily the blog) that has made a considerable impression on you?

April: The highlight of the month had to be my visit to the North Korean border, specifically the Joint Security Area (JSA) (or referred to as “Panmunjeom” or “Truce Village”). Chilling, eerie but exciting. Highly recommended!

May: In the Old Chinese Walled city by the Huangpu River and the heart of Shanghai, I showed how migrants made homes in abandoned factories, and how a group of boys with great creativity and gusto, can be Shanghai’s next property developers. Also, an interview with my friend Ishi Mak, who captures Shanghai’s heritage architecture with a very Japanese aesthetic.

June: I started The Roving Exhibit in NOV10, which takes my street photography back to the neighborhoods I shot in the form of show and tell. I gave a presentation (including video) at the twocities Gallery and profiled the kinds of street patrons that attended the exhibit. It remains one of my favorite personal work.

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