The promise of a leather jacket

Who doesn’t want to look as handsome as James Dean, decked out in a dangerous looking leather jacket with a fur collar?

The salesmen were not ethnically Chinese, possibly Uigher as they spoke with a heavy accent I noticed common among this minority group.  They were charming and helpful, explaining details of their merchandise with gusto and excitement.

Surrounded by bakers, roast potato carts, and only a few feet from live chickens and flopping fish, the leather jackets stood out from the ordinary and banal.

It seemed to say, Put me on and whisk yourself away from the browning vegetables, dismembered chicken feet and frog legs and the cacophony of scooters.

Imagine yourself huddled against the cold and majesty of Lake Karakal, because before you know it …..

5 bicycles will be barreling down toward you if you don’t move out of the way.

The promise of a leather jacket 02


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  • Reply February 11, 2010

    Seamus Grimes

    I can relate very well to your comment about the five bicycles. My own conclusion was that all concepts of human rights in Shanghai disappeared in the bicycle lane. But life there is all about surviving.

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