And then they were gone

I’ve lost them.

I was away for 3 weeks and returned to a shell that left nary a sign of its past existence.

Only 3 weeks ago, I was standing in the living room cum bedroom with an old woman while she watched television from her couch. I had walked up to the second floor with a low attic where her son slept, and had a narrow window looking out to towering corporate buildings. Next to his messy bed, was a lamp, fax machine and a giant biscuit box that served as an ashtray.

I had come back with photos for them and to inquire more about their new home that supposedly had new toilets and better electricity fixtures.

But I took for granted that they would be there when I returned. After all, they did say that they were holding out to the end when the place would be flattened in December.

November 2009


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