A look at zaijietou.com (Part 1): 8th Shanghai Photographer Night

In addition to Tang Ying and Eric Leleu, another major showcase we have lined up for the Shanghai Photographer Night next Wed (13 April), is a collection from the photographers of Zaijietou.com.

Zaijietou (在街头)or literally “on the street” is a street photography blog that is home to over 60 street photographers from all over China, largely concentrated in Shanghai. (Shanghai is ranked as one of the best cities for street photography in China)

I’ve written before about how and why street photography as a style and genre is not as widely popular as compared to major cities like New York and London. Which makes Zaijietou.com such an outstanding local endeavor.

A coterie of unique perspectives and insights, Zaijietou is administered by Liu Miao (刘淼), an avid street photographer and an occasional author of novels who also has his own blog.

Today, Liu Miao shares with us a little about Zaijietou.Next week, we’ll have a look at some of the photographers who are participating in the Shanghai Photographer Night.

Q: How did Zaijietou.com come about?

LM: I started Zaijietou.com because there was no such platform for street photographers in China. Images are in an age of mass production, and an artist’s responsibility should be not only about making good works but also make themselves known to the public. Zaijietou.com aims to be such a platform for photographers to showcase their works.


Q: What makes Zaijietou.com so unique in a platform for showcasing street photography in China?

LM: First, Zaijietou is an open platform where members from all over China (and even the world) have their own unique and diversified styles. This is the essence of Zaijietou. Zaijietou is also a social platform because it uses social media sites like Twitter, Douban (Chinese platform similar to Myspace), and Sina Weibo (China’s answer to twitter) to promote. We take all these measures to make the sit) known to more people.




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