A Look at Tang Ying: 8th Shanghai Photographer Night

Have you marked the upcoming 8th Shanghai Photographer’s Night in your calender? It’s 13 April, 8pm at Dada Bar where Shanghai’s best street photographers will be featuring their work.

The first participating photographer I am featuring on this blog, as part of a wider introduction of their work to you, is none other than TANG Ying (唐颖) whose style and wit has translated across boundaries starting from San Francisco to Shanghai. She is one of the many renowned international photographers, and the first from Mainland China, I believe, behind the seminal book “Street Photography Now”.

TANG Ying will be debuting her recent series from Cologne, Germany, entitled: “Snapshot: Street in Germany”.

I interviewed TANG Ying last year where she shared her inspirations and processes. You can read more here.

 Some excerpts of the interview:

Unlike other forms of photography, you don’t need expensive equipment for street photography – I still use the same equipment and basic lenses. I believe that photos must have a narrative element to draw people so I have yet to change my set up. What fascinate me about street photography are the narrative and humanistic elements, and its sudden and unexpected nature. This is why street photographs have to spend a lot of time and have patience to capture that “decisive moment”.

I’ve seen many people documenting in Shanghai. I think that this is the best time for a photographer in Shanghai what with the different people and all the changes. I believe street photography in China has great potential but there are not that many people who are able to expend long periods of time (on street photography) and be able to publish such work.


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