A little scrap story

While I am not one for following major scrap stories like some folks, it is nevertheless amusing to hear the backstories of what, why and how involving “DIY scrapping”.

I was travelling around Wangjiamatou Lu (王家码头路) in Old Town with my Roving Exhibit when I spotted this couple. I decided to place my photo boards next to them for a show-and-tell but the husband and wife duo seemed a lot more interesting.

“These are left over things from a hotel in Pudong which has just closed.” the husband explained. They arrived there a bit late, but it was a decent stash. Alarms, door knobs, light fixtures, control switches, random wires. Everything was being stripped into small piles separated by materials: glass, copper, light switch frames, fixture casings and bits of wiring.

Scrap story 02

They knew what they wanted. No large piles of wood or alumnium. It’s all about value, not volume. I watched the wife pull expertly at a burglar alarm followed by a light bulb, extracting the tungsten.

I had a go at it to give a helping hand and nearly took my foot off with the screwdriver and hammer. The wife shook her head, maybe it’s best you stick to photography, she laughed.

And take a photo of my kids while you’re at it, her husband chimed in.

Scrap story 03

December 2010



  • Reply April 1, 2011

    Zheru Li

    Hi, there – I’m a native Shanghainess and have been reading your blog for a while when I’m home sick in Seattle. Wondering where are you doing your roving exhibit these days since I’m in town and will love to see some of your work in person. Thanks. Zheru

    • Reply April 1, 2011

      Sue Anne

      Hi Zheru, wonderful to know you’re back in Shanghai! At the moment, I’m tied up with projects and an upcoming Street Photography show at Dada Bar on Apr 13th (please do come! I will post details soon). So the Roving Exhibit will be shelved until late April when I am a bit more free.

  • Reply April 2, 2011

    Zheru Li

    Hi Sue Anne, Thank you for your reply. Too bad that I will be gone by then. This is a just short visit for me. My husband is a Singaporean as well. We regret that we cannot attend Singapore Day in Shanghai this year. Take care. :>

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