A review of 2010 (part three)

I leave you with the third installment of my review of last year’s work. I bid you good weekend. For those in Shanghai, do bundle up. Maybe we’ll bump into each other on the streets this weekend.

I was recently gifted a Blackbird, Fly Toy Camera, an adorable 35mm “toy” twin-lens reflex (TLR) camera. I believe this is when purists go “pish posh”. I say, “time to find me some film”.

The street art you see above is by the talented Grayson Stalling, located along the stretch of Moganshan Lu.

July: Was a good month for street photography and shadows. I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Tang Ying (唐颖) whose sublime street photography both in Shanghai and San Francisco (and now doing wonderful work in Europe) is worth revisiting.

“And then the sun came out to play”: The late afternoon is the witching hour for street photography, what with the falling sun and sharp shadows that take a life on its own.

August: “The tale of a skaterboy” – I met Wan Cheng (万成) at The Love Park, a key skateboarder’s hangout south of the Shanghai Concert Hall (上海音乐厅南广场). He took off his shirt to show me a tattoo of his mother. One of my favorite stories.

“Echoes and the crunch of broken glass”: A footnote on the joys of exploring old abandoned factory spaces. In this case, the former Philips light bulb factory.

September: “Haircare” – Mr Baldy and Mr L’oreal meet. Enough said.

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