Help Portrait on 4th Dec and other miscellany

Hello there! A bunch of exciting things are underway here…

Help Portrait: Shanghai’s ready, are you?

For the second year in a row, a group of Shanghai-based Flickr photographers are coming together to participate in a global movement called Help Portrait, this year held on Dec 4 on a Saturday.

Help Portrait was first started with the idea for photographers to give back to their local community through their equipment and skills. The entire process is summed up simply below. 

This year, we will be working wth Xintu, an NGO focused on helping Shanghai’s migrant community, to photograph the portraits of migrant families. Last year, we did the same thing with close to 50 families who received portraits on the same day. For more information on what the group of Shanghai Flickrites are doing, moosey on here (update: and below taken from the pool!).



More importantly, we hope that wherever you are, do consider rounding up some friends, finding a local community partner to work with and on Dec 4, take their portraits and make them smile with a portrait of their own! Do register on Help Portrait to make known your participation in the movement! 

In other non-proclamations of altruism (and hopefully not in bad taste):

– My exhibit “Demolish, Construct, Repeat: Building the Shanghai Dream” is still showing at Southern Barbarian in Lujiazui, Pudong, and will be there till December. And yes, the photographs remain on sale.

– Earlier in the year, I contributed to a book called The Urbanity Project.

The book is a collection of “multidisciplinary artwork that not only communicates a common vision of “the city in terms of its people,” but one that also values collaboration and demonstrates artistic excellence.

The book is now for sale, for more information, you can head over to Shanghai Art or contact for a copy!

– I’ve been slowly contributing to this fantastic blog called Urban Photo, basically cross-posting a few older pieces I had written. Edited by Christopher DeWolf, Urbanphoto is a blog about cities and its people, how they grow and change in a world of modernization and urbanization. What makes it unique is that it is made up of a cast of contributors writing from all over the world. I highly recommend bookmarking it if you have an interest in urban development. Chris’ extensive coverage on Hong Kong’s old neighborhoods is itself a good reason to read the blog. 

– I recently co-published a series on The Lowry Interpreter with Raffaello Pantucci, based on my recent trip to Xinjiang. Entitled “Notes on the Silk Road”, we covered Kashgar, Urumqi and Tashkorgan.

Cheers, have a great day!


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