Nanchuks practice in the alleys

The days are growing hot in Shanghai, but not yet sweltering. City folk have graduated to short sleeves and the occasional shorts. We’ve yet to reach the state of ubiquitous shirtless bellies but give us a few more weeks, we’ll get there.

Strolling in the markets, a friend and I spotted a young man experimenting with a pair of nunchuks in the alleys. His moves were simple and almost hesitant, yet smooth enough to avoid bruising himself.  He had a look of intense concentration, determined to get his craft right.

“You think that if I photographed him, he’d hit me with his nunchuks?” I remarked to my friend. He laughed and thought probably so.

Risking a beating, I swiftly snapped. Spotting me, the young man slowed down and almost hit himself. A shy grin spread across his face.

“You into kung fu and stuff?” I asked, returning his grin.

Laughing, he kept going, showing off a few simple moves, and replied, “No, no. Just learning blindly (瞎学) on my own.”

I guess everyone needs a hobby. Wax on, wax off.

June 2010



  • Reply June 7, 2010

    Adam Daniel Mezei

    I just hope the poor guy didn’t break his specs. Now that would be bad…did he jostle them?

    • Reply June 7, 2010

      Sue Anne

      Nope, smooth sailing after that. I think nunchuks are cool, maybe I’ll pick up a pair. Ha.

  • Reply June 7, 2010

    Adam Daniel Mezei

    I would definitely like to see you with a pair. But you’ve got to use them if you’ve got them, my friend. Have to promise to!

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