Year of the (Przewalski’s) Horse

Late December, the Hurstville Library in southern Sydney, Australia, contacted me about participating in an exhibit, “Stories of the Zodiac: Exploring the 12 Animal Signs in Asian Culture” now…

Heritage architecture in Penang

Things have been a tad quiet of late. After a hectic work schedule, I took a few days off to spend Christmas with my family back in Singapore….

Aerial landscapes of Fujian province

Today is a smoggy, filthy day in Shanghai. My eyes burn just a little, my throat ticklish from deceptive and stubborn dust particles. Friday conversations have turned to plans for December….

On the road in Kyrgyzstan (part 1)

One thing I promised myself with the blog’s revival is to share more as I’m hoping readers will evolve a little with me as we expand beyond Shanghai…

A Xinjiang Trade Fair in Tashkent

I shared earlier that I was in Uzbekistan doing some documentary work on Chinese influence in Central Asia. Some of my photography has been appearing on the project…