Old Shanghai

The Baker

I bought a shaobing from this young man, piping hot from the cylinder drum which he baked them in. You could see the wafts of aromatic smoke trailing…

Some grow up tough

  Others are born tough. He stared intently into my camera and slowly brought his handkerchief up toward me, as if he was readying to wipe my lens….

Alley bend blur

“When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race.” ~  H.G. Wells

When you slow down

The days have been dreary here in Shanghai. Nasty wet, grey gloom and all-round chilly. That afternoon, I had descended into a mood I couldn’t get out of….

Homework is an unending journey

Homework is an unending journey

The entire country is in a perpetual state of self-improvement so as to reach the next level of the socio-economic ladder. Since time immemorial, each generation worked to…

Recounting childhood memories 01

Recounting childhood memories

This past weekend, I met with Terence Lloren who runs “Growing up with Shanghai”, a project series of sound walks with young Shanghainese who grew up in the city in…

A smile a day balloons in market

A balloon a day…

A neighborhood market can sometimes be like the beating heart where all arteries lead to, the arteries being the longtangs or alley houses that surround it. There is…

Seeking double happiness

Double Happiness

It’s the 3rd day of Chinese New Year and I’ve been partaking in family and epic culinary festivities non-stop, which has resulted in my brief absence and my…

An ode to les poissons

Les poissons

Best heard with Les poissons. It was an open street of poultry and seafood massacre, and a very busy day for everyone at the market. The word glee…