Ice Ice baby

Baby, it’s cold outside

In the last week, temperatures have dipped to chilly lows. Motorcycle mittens have been dusted off and patched up. Collars are flipped up and hoodies are pulled low…

Aerial Beijing 02

Up in the air

While playing with (and by that, I mean being bullied by) a screaming bunch of pint-sized kids in the longtang one day, a ruddy-faced boy suddenly asked me, “Have you…

Some grow up tough

  Others are born tough. He stared intently into my camera and slowly brought his handkerchief up toward me, as if he was readying to wipe my lens….

All they need is each other

All they need is each other

The room could only be described as unremarkable. Enclosed by bare and washed-out walls, there was a simple bed, a table and a chest of drawers with the…

They always look so innocent

They always look so innocent

“Look at my flying dragon!” PING!! Plastic connected loudly with glass. My knees buckled and my heart literally fell to the floor. My camera lens was just attacked…