Rockbund Museum Shanghai RAS 01

The former Royal Asiatic Society building

Far from the maddening crowds on the Bund, the Rockbund Art Museum on Huqiu Lu (虎丘路) is a favored destination that singularly embodies the East meets West history, design and architecture of…

ZhapuLu Wooden Home 01

The simplicity in patterned wood

I’ve always liked the predictability and soothing effect of uncomplicated patterns. This was one reason why I found myself standing in front of a discreet entrance off the…

Shikumen 01

The diversity of design in shikumen headers

What makes a shikumen (石库门) header an architectural tapestry so emblematic of Shanghai? The grey stone pediment, shaped in a triangle or semi-circle, contains designs that range from the…


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Cosplay* in the lanes

Even in the dusky evening, it was hard to miss the bulbous head of pink hair. I sprinted after her, nearly crashing into her back. “Hey! Sorry, can I…

The house behind that wall 01

Life behind the wall

It can be claustrophobic in the alleys, especially when the backs of the shikumen apartments sit so closely to one another; it feels they are closing in. Hengfeng Lane (恒丰里) along the leafy…

Rolling out the red carpet

Rolling out the red carpet

I rounded a bend in a quiet lane and found him sweeping studiously. The rolled up red carpet seemed a bit random in a residential neighborhood. “What are you…

Incident on Shunde Lu 01

Taking sides

Where a commotion takes place, crowds gather and traffic slows. I was in mid-conversation with a local resident who was pointing out a shop along Shunchang Lu (顺昌路)….

Radio confessions

Radio confessions

“Hello. I need help.” “Who is on the line?” “.. can you help … I’m sorry, what?” “Caller, your name?” “My surname is Li.” “Mr Li. Tell us…

Flying over Fujian

Aerial landscapes of Fujian province

Today is a smoggy, filthy day in Shanghai. My eyes burn just a little, my throat ticklish from deceptive and stubborn dust particles. Friday conversations have turned to plans for December….

Say Yes to the Dress Shanghai 01

The stress of a wedding dress

Peering through the window of the wedding store, past the orgy of exploding sequins, glossy taffeta and cheap lace, a gaggle of middle-aged and young women hurried around a young…

Help Portrait 2013

Setting up Help Portrait in your city

Help Portrait Shanghai Dec 7, 2013. Get involved here. In my time photographing for the blog, one of the most fulfilling actions have been gifting portraits to my…