Shikumen 01

The diversity of design in shikumen headers

What makes a shikumen (石库门) header an architectural tapestry so emblematic of Shanghai? The grey stone pediment, shaped in a triangle or semi-circle, contains designs that range from the…

Stairwell 昆山花园路 02

Find me (in the creak of an old stairwell)

Readers have noted how quiet the blog has been. I confess to its woeful neglect but would point them towards the blog’s Facebook page which continues to brim with photographs and factoids of Old…


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Shoes in the lane

A domestic dispute in the lane

An aging woman was staring down an alley, her eyes hooded and preoccupied. I stood next to her, wondering what had caught her unwavering attention. Seated on the concrete floor…

Hongkou Amusement Park 00

Seeking amusement in spring

Shanghai’s beautiful spring weather came and went too quickly. The pinkish hues of cherry blossoms had contrasted beautifully against blue skies while the cool breeze made long strolls ever…