Hello Kitty keeps his ears warm

Judging from his blue uniform with yellow reflector stripes, he was a sanitary work or the likes. We were both standing in line for some hot flat bread when I noticed his earmuffs.

I had a silly grin plastered on my face which he clearly noticed. His hand automatically reached for his ears and blushed. It appeared it wasn’t the first time someone had pointed it out. 

Flat bread in hand, he chuckled abashedly and walked off.

It was then I felt a tingling in my ear lobes as the wind picked up.

Seemed I needed a pair myself.

December 2009



  • Reply April 11, 2010


    Hi Sue Anne, I’ve been following your blog ;]

    I wanted to comment that this picture amuses me. The man’s reaction amuses me. I especially like the part when he walked off laughing, so I hope he continues wearing his awesome earmuffs.

  • Reply August 12, 2011

    Hello Kitty Cosmetics

    This is the funniest picture 🙂

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