Scribbling on street photography

Shanghai peak hour traffic

For those in mainland China, I trust you had a pleasant break over the absurdly arranged Dragonboat Festival holiday (we got Monday to Wednesday off after a 7 day work week).

I was visiting family in Singapore and alternated between eating and mopping my brow against the sweltering heat. Singaporeans were complaining about the recent haze from seasonal Sumatra fires, no doubt, there was a light tinge of smog a few mornings. But bah! I could complain about Shanghai’s enduring pollution but will only be scoffed off by my Beijing friends.

Anyway I was thwarted from picking up the Ricoh GR. But it was for the best because with every cloud comes a silver lining, the Iphone came to the rescue. I mentioned EyeEm before, more user-friendly filter app than Instagram that doesn’t attempt to auto-crop your photos. And under a more anonymous username, there is no one to “follow” you.

Now, pair that with the photo and text app Phonto, what do you get? Street photography with wisecrack statements, apologies if they are quite lame. Observe my taxi journey from the airport, after surviving a very uncomfortable and restless red-eye flight from Singapore. I used to do this journey with ease, 5 hour flight meant a 3-4 hour nap and salty eggs for breakfast, but alas, this lady is aging and is not as spry as before.


Not going to happen

Clear blue skies



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