Worn sole, worn soul

Worn sole, worn soul

Apparently, in shoe factories in China, it takes two hundred pairs of hands to make a running shoe. Cutters stamp sheets of fabric to form soles, stitchers then sew them together along with logos, shoelace eyelets etc, followed by sole workers who use an infrared oven to glue the soles and frame together. Assemblers will, of course, further assemble the various parts into a final product and finishers will do a quality check and pack.  (“Factory Girls”, Leslie Chang, 2009)

So much labor and so many man-hours. A never-ending supply chain that envelops an entire country.

How many pairs of shoes does a construction worker go through in his work-life time? I wonder.

October 2009



  • Reply February 22, 2010


    A very common scene in Shanghai and other places in China, which brings back memories from mid 90’s when I travelled here. I wonder when it will be gone, probably sooner than later in the pace of nowadays.

    Thanks for sharing Sue Anne.


    • Reply February 25, 2010

      Sue Anne

      Thanks for stopping by, Svend. Look forward to your updated blog.

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