What I am reading this week

Am thoroughly enjoying piecing these great links over the last week. I hope readers will also share their favorites in comments. Enjoy!

– An interview with Mumbai-based street photographer Kaushal Parikh. I’m very glad to read more about street photography in megapolis centers in developing countries including Mumbai, where I imagine is an incredibly rich landscape for photography. What we need is more interviews, perspectives and stories from emerging countries, to show how different yet similar human dynamics are!

– I’ve always like alternative portrayals, meaning featuring a different side to an old story. We all know the kinds of images that come to our mind when we think of Baghdad, Afghanistan etc, gore, violence and rubble. But Marieke van der Velden’s take on life in Baghdad is more humane, humorous and … dare I say? Normal.

– Bharat Choudhary series “The Silence of Others” explores Islamophobia through images. Beautifully shot, and paired with sad accounts of discrimination and hate,

– I’ve always been a big fan of photographer and founder of In-Public, Nick Turpin. Not just because of his photography, but his role in revitalizing the genre. Excellent writer who is straight forward and articulate. A good interview here. Also, if you haven’t, check out Nick’s blog.

– Egypt is undergoing its second wave of protests and it’s no wonder that great photojournalists have flocked there for on-the-ground coverage. I pick two for very different styles. Veteran Moises Saman deviates from day-to-day reportage and instead offers up “street photography” called “Cairo Undone”, a BW series that is both evocative and almost haunting. Ed Ou, a young but talented photographer, has an ongoing photo essay on Egypt’s Youths that is rich in color and brimming with energy and idealism and technology.

– Shot with an element of romance, though not romanticized. “In Brazil, Finding Dignity in Horror” by André Cypriano. There is always that controversy of “poverty tourism” where people photographers jet in to shoot a series and jet off. But this was done with great elegance and style.

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