Speaking at the Shanghai and Suzhou Literary Festivals, March 12-13

If  someone told me a year ago that I would be speaking at the Shanghai and Suzhou Literary Festivals, I’d go ha! and then double ha!

But now promises and commitments have been made. I will indeed be speaking at two events, one on a book I contributed on taking historical/cultural walks in Shanghai and another session on photography.

If you do stop by, please, please say hello! Details below.

Suzhou Bookworm

2011 Suzhou Literary Festival
“Recording Street Stories Through Photography” by Sue Anne Tay. Mar 12 (Sat), 2 pm
Tickets can be acquired at The Suzhou Bookworm or you can call them directly.

“Photographer and author of the popular blog ShanghaiStreetStories.com, Sue Anne Tay combines street photography and photojournalism to document life in Shanghai’s streets – the razing of old neighbourhoods, the vibrancy of street markets and the colourful individuals that make up the sprawling city. This afternoon, she shares her approach to shooting in Shanghai’s streets, her style and subjects of choice and discusses the versatility of mediums to best showcase one’s work. She will also share with us her latest project, The Roving Exhibit, where she set up her work on photo boards around Shanghai’s old neighbourhoods. Not to be missed by aspiring photographers eager to tell their own tales of the city. Discussion and Q&A to follow.”

For Shanghai readers, Suzhou is now only a half hour train ride away and a fun day trip. The Bookworm is also a fantastic place to while the afternoon away.

Shanghai Lit Fest 11

2011 Shanghai Literary Festival
“Still More Shanghai Walks: Shanghailanders & Shanghainese, Where They Lived, Worked and Played” by Tess Johnston and her esteemed co-authors. March 13 (Sun), 11 am
Tickets can be acquired at www.mypiao.com.

I’ll be part of a team of authors, headed by our fearless editor Tess Johnston, discussing our new book “Still More Shanghai Walks” which is the third installment of the Shanghai Walks series published by The Old China Hand Press.

I join long-time and established residents of Shanghai who are talented writers and historians including Duncan Hewitt, Patrick Cranley, Lisa Movius, Bill Savadove and of course, the matriarch of Shanghai expatriate history herself, Tess Johnston.

We will be sharing 6 fascinating routes around the city which cover the Bund, the former French Concession, Hongqiao and Hongkou that will be peppered with history, past ghosts and personalities and insightful architectural and cultural references.

I plan to give away a couple of copies to some lucky readers of this blog, so stay tuned!



  • Reply March 2, 2011


    Ooo… ooo.. me me (hand raised anxiously)

    • Reply March 3, 2011

      Sue Anne

      Mikecheck, I’ll have the giveaway next week, watch this space!

  • Reply March 9, 2011

    Patrik Lockne

    Congrats! And thanks for creating such a great blog. /Patrik

  • Reply March 13, 2011


    thanks for the presentation yesterday at the ‘bookworm’ suzhou. It was thought provoking and interesting. Really liked your social commentary.

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