And it’s back to business!

The whole country went back to work today. Well, officially that is. Major retail shops began opening as early as the 3rd and 4th day of Chinese New Year while others will take a few more days to travel back to Shanghai, be it by bus, train or car. The buzz is back, slow but definitely building.

Yuyuan markets 02

Have you ever walked through the narrow corridors of wholesale markets that sell everything under the sun? Buttons, ribbons, underwear, threads, broken fridge magnets, wool for knitting, momentous that make no sense … bits of plastic glued together with a slogan or a funny picture. I wonder how one makes money out of such inconsequential objects, but they do.

This series was shot entirely from the chest level with guesstimate settings. Nobody likes to be photographed like a animal trapped in a pet cage. It’s understandable.



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