Snow in Shanghai and other things…

It was such a rush of pure joy to pull open the curtains this morning and be greeted by the quiet thud of snow that had blanketed the city overnight. While it was harder to maneuver around the streets, we’re lucky the weather rarely overextends itself in this part of the region.

But we’re still early on in the day, the dusts of snow do not seem to be relenting. I’m enjoying watching the snow from 37 floors up, dancing in all directions in accordance to the wind. As if mocking me for hiding in the warmth of my building.

Watching kids and teenagers skid around in the snow, outstretched hands snapping shots on their mobile phones, I was wondering if I should find myself a park at lunchtime to start a snowball fight.

A dash of happiness to start everyone off this morning. I thought it was appropriate to add my final photo of the happiest man I’ve met in Shanghai. I imagine his house and farm to be covered entirely in white, but am sure he would make the best of the situation. If he has a mobile, I’d have texted to say hello. Alas, he doesn’t.

Stay warm. Travel safe.



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