A review of 2010 (part four)

I trust everyone had a nice weekend?

This is the last installment of my review of 2010. Posting slowed down a tad in those few months due to travelling and more personal projects, but the individual posts have grown more substantial and I hope quality trumps quantity in this regard.

The first week of the new year is behind us, and we’re on to new and exciting things. If you’ve made it through most of your new year resolutions, good on you!

October: “Before and after on Sinan Lu” – For those who live in Shanghai, you might have ventured to Sinan Mansions, the latest trendy F&B and leisure development to have sprouted in the French Concession. Developers have called it a new approach to preservation but most would find it underwhelming if not generic. I photographed the original interiors of a few old villas across from Sinan Mansions which served as dormitories for workers of the development. Have a look, because the interiors are expected to be completely ripped out and rebuilt with new materials as part of Sinan Mansions’ expansion. Yea, that’s how some interpret “preservation”.

November: An action-packed month. Street photography ruled again this month, with a thought-piece on why street photography remains unpopular in China. A small discussion ensued and continued offline, and I remain grateful for readers’ feedback. Local street photographer Tui also weighed in on the relationship between street photography and his rather complex feelings toward Shanghai in his Behind the Camera interview.

Oh yes, if you like fast cars, I photographed the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) Shanghai 2010 here and here.

December: It was all about my new project, The Roving Exhibit. Why and how I am carrying out the exhibit. And the first experimental session held next on the sidewalk in the middle of a street market. There is no space for ego here, only a thick hide and a wicked sense of humor.

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  • Reply January 10, 2011


    Have a nice 2011 Sue Anne.
    Let me tell you that my favorite story and shots was the tale of a skateboarder. I loved the shot of the guy walking back to his board where a big “Fuck” was written.
    Hope to see as much stories from you this year!
    — Woods

    • Reply January 11, 2011

      Sue Anne

      Thanks Woods! I love that story too! Hope you’re off to a winning start to the year!

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