New year greetings! And a 2010 review (part one)

I trust you had an exciting New Year eve’s celebration? May 2011 bring you good tidings and happiness, and for all my photography friends, a productive and inspiring year!

It remains chillingly cold in Shanghai. I escaped to Guangzhou for a short vacation over the New Year to see a friend and revel in delicious southern cuisine and what I had hoped to be warmer weather. Alas, the latter proved to be a major folly and I spent the weekend shivering in wet cold. Nevertheless, for those who have  yet to visit, I recommend it. Guangzhou has a rich modern history, especially with Sun Yat Sen’s many efforts in establishing his presidency, a lively African and Middle Eastern community and a diverse selections of Teochew and Cantonese cuisine.

For the next few posts, I thought I’d do a short review of my favorite photos for 2010. Tis’ a poor excuse,  really,  for not shooting of late, mostly because of the stready stream of visitors, the wretched weather, and a backlog of writing and photography-related projects at hand.

January: “The Remaining Days” –  While this longtang on Haimen Lu (海门路) (near Changyang Lu (长扬路)) has surrendered to be converted into a new metro stop for Line 12, this lane holds a special place in my heart for the remaining residents who stayed till the end.

February: “The Singing Ship” – This old and rusting ship was moored off the Pudong side of the Huangpu River (黄浦江) by Zhangyang Harbour (张扬码头), but is no longer there.

Also in Febuary, the inaugural Behind the Camera interviews with respected photographers of Shanghai. Howard French of “Disappearing Shanghai” fame shared his experiences as a photographer while serving as bureau chief of the New York Times’ Shanghai office.

March: “When You Slow Down” – A reminder of how to overcome a photographer’s bloc. To sit still and just let go.

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