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120910_Street Photography Now Project

(Update: 中文解释请看刘淼博科(街头摄影进行时)是由伦敦的摄影师画廊和”Street Photography Now”一书的两位作者共同发起的一个街头摄影项目,从今年10月1日起,为期一年,每周由一位摄影师设定一个拍摄规则,全世界的摄影爱好者都可以通过在flickr上提交照片的方式参与。)

To celebrate the publication of Street Photography Now, the Photographers’ Gallery (UK) is running a year-long project called the Street Photography Now Project for people to participate.

Each week, a photographer from the book issues an Instruction, and participants then have a week to shoot a new image in response to this Instruction. At the end of each week, the photographer who issued the Instruction picks a shortlist of their favourite images from the submissions, and says a few words about what they liked in the images. (All of this is conducted via Flickr)

Most recently, one of the organizers of the project contacted me about attracting more photographer participants from Asia. Numbers from Asia are low despite having some excellent Asia-based photographers involved in the project including Shanghai’s very own Ying Tang(whom we interviewed), Michael Wolf and Osamu Kanemura.

So I’ve signed up and am spreading the word. Not just for the great discussions and actual feedback from renown street photographers, but the high quality submissions from passionate street photographers, some of whom I count as friends. I’ve discussed before about why street photography is not a popular genre in China, here’s taking a small step toward changing that.


For those of us in China, the project website is unfortunately blocked due to the platform. But fear not! Here’s how to participate this project without VPN in two simple steps:

– Create a Flickr account if you haven’t already. Then add the project administrator as a friend you’ll be able to see the instructions she posts each week

– OR simply sign up at to receive the instructions in your mailbox.

At the end of the Project, one photographer will be chosen who has made the most outstanding contribution to the project across a number of weeks. They will be awarded £1000 of Thames & Hudson books and have their work displayed on The Photographers’ Gallery digital Wall for All.

As for the rest of the steps on how to submit your work, instructions are below (and on the site’s ‘Take Part’ page if you have a VPN)

Project Rules

If you choose to contribute photographs to our Flickr groups, you must agree to the following:

1. Only upload photographs in response to the current Instruction
2. A maximum of 1 photograph can be uploaded per person, per week
3. Discussions are welcomed but please keep them relevant to the theme
4. The Flickr site may be visited by children and family groups, so suitable content only
5. Anyone posting to Flickr takes full responsibility for the content of their photograph or words
6. The photograph you submit must be your own work, and by adding it to this group you confirm that you are the copyright holder
7. Anyone adding photographs to Flickr agrees to have their work featured on and
8. Anyone adding photographs to Flickr agrees that their image can be used by The Photographers Gallery* to help publicise The Street Photography Now Project
9. If you would like your photograph credited with something other than your Flickr name, please make sure you include this information with your photo before you add it to Flickr


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