Take to the Street (Part 2)

The second of a two-part series of a self-imposed regiment of hip, chest and over-the-shoulder shooting with a 35mm f1.4. Primes are perfect in its speed, restraint and the boundaries you can push with them within those limitations. It’s all about taming plastic and glass into submission.

With a camera, a jaunt turns into a moving picture, capturing a favored Shanghai past-time: shopping.

On weekends, come rain or shine, the city buzzes alive with an even greater need to consume in small and large quantities. The hunger and temptation are palpable. Buy, buy, BUY!

[vodpod id=Video.3923929&w=655&h=436&fv=offsite%3Dtrue%26amp%3Blang%3Den-us%26amp%3Bpage_show_url%3D%252Fphotos%252Fsatay%252Fsets%252F72157624372559004%252Fshow%252F%26amp%3Bpage_show_back_url%3D%252Fphotos%252Fsatay%252Fsets%252F72157624372559004%252F%26amp%3Bset_id%3D72157624372559004%26amp%3Bjump_to%3D]

(Part 1 can be found here.)



  • Reply June 29, 2010


    I was trying to do similar thing on the weekend. but with a trigger cable…
    however…. the camera keep pointing downward..
    my camera strap is a bit long, so.. it was leaning on the “southern hemisphere” of my spherical tummy… (woohoo.. i used the word “lean” with “my tummy” in ONE sentence!) so as a result… the camera is not quite shooting horizontal, but shooting the ground. #FAIL!!

    • Reply June 29, 2010

      Sue Anne

      Ah, a trigger cable makes most sense but the natural weight of the lens forces it downward. Very hard. You need to at least support the base by cupping the lens.

      What settings do you use, Kirk? Mine was either on auto or a manual I’m very sure of its results (e.g f3.5-4 at a specific distance yields u a relatively clean/sharp/fast result, not much dof). Problem is, my wrist was hurting by the end of it, so I alternated between hip/chest and on my shoulder.

      In the end, you still need to walk more slowly, or pause for a clear shot. I did that when walking by shops or certain people, but they don’t really know how to react because you’re not conspicuously pointing a camera at them. By the time they figure it out, you’ve walked away. Snap!

      Nice blog set up too, looking forward to learning more about the technicals from u!

      • Reply June 29, 2010


        Maybe that why too.. wide open at 1.4 is not a very good F stop to do this.

        actually i try shorten the camera strap and it works ok. (so i blame it on my belly!)
        also another thing is.. it is kinda weird/creepy when doing this as a guy.

        another thing is.. focusing point. my camera setup to have the “joystick” button as choosing focusing point. and it keep shifting as it hit my shirt.

        so there are a few technical thing to resolve in order for me to do this.

        the blog.. u were the first visitor! (i knew it cuz it said i had ONE hit today).. was planning out last night. it was not “released” yet. ..

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