The gentleman who does construction

The gentleman who does construction work

In his paint-speckled work jacket, he had a laizzare-faire air about him that was striking yet charming at the same time.

A profile shot was irresistible. Yet at the sight of my camera, he was unfazed. Rather, a lazy grin spread across his face as he fingered around in his pocket for a cigarette. Keeping a steady gaze at my camera, he whipped out a pack of cheap ciggies and even offered me a teasing stick which I politely declined.

A lit cigarette in his hand, a breakfast omelet in another, he raised his left hand to toast me and ambled away to a corner to enjoy his breakfast. No doubt whatever hard labor that laid ahead of him that busy day, he seemed like a man who would take everything in stride.

October 2009



  • Reply April 28, 2010

    Adam Daniel Mezei

    Again, it’s the color contrasts I enjoy the most. I can totally see the scene playing out in my mind…

  • Reply April 28, 2010


    This one’s a fav of mine. I probably would have taken the smoke tho…

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