Street Stories

Tongchuan Fish Market 04

Fresh seafood on Tongchuan Lu

A few months ago, I joined a few friends for lunch at Tongchuan Lu Seafood market (海鲜美食街) located on Tongchuan Lu (铜川路) near Lanxi Lu (兰溪路) in Putuo…

2 degrees Shanghai

Wet and windy

They had called for snow and rain, and by they, I mean the local weathermen with their annoying warnings of a cold front. By the time the sun…

Artist in residence 03

Propaganda artist in residence

Weaving through the lanes near Yu Gardens (豫园) or north of Old Town in Xiaonanmen (小南门), whose layout had been hugely disrupted by carelessly erected temporary walls, blind turns and open sewers, it…


Cosplay* in the lanes

Even in the dusky evening, it was hard to miss the bulbous head of pink hair. I sprinted after her, nearly crashing into her back. “Hey! Sorry, can I…

Rolling out the red carpet

Rolling out the red carpet

I rounded a bend in a quiet lane and found him sweeping studiously. The rolled up red carpet seemed a bit random in a residential neighborhood. “What are you…

Incident on Shunde Lu 01

Taking sides

Where a commotion takes place, crowds gather and traffic slows. I was in mid-conversation with a local resident who was pointing out a shop along Shunchang Lu (顺昌路)….

Radio confessions

Radio confessions

“Hello. I need help.” “Who is on the line?” “.. can you help … I’m sorry, what?” “Caller, your name?” “My surname is Li.” “Mr Li. Tell us…