Przewalski's horse Wild Horse of Xinjiang Mongolia

Year of the (Przewalski’s) Horse

Late December, the Hurstville Library in southern Sydney, Australia, contacted me about participating in an exhibit, “Stories of the Zodiac: Exploring the 12 Animal Signs in Asian Culture” now…

Heritage architecture in Penang

Things have been a tad quiet of late. After a hectic work schedule, I took a few days off to spend Christmas with my family back in Singapore….

Flying over Fujian

Aerial landscapes of Fujian province

Today is a smoggy, filthy day in Shanghai. My eyes burn just a little, my throat ticklish from deceptive and stubborn dust particles. Friday conversations have turned to plans for December….

On the road in Kyrgyzstan (part 1)

One thing I promised myself with the blog’s revival is to share more as I’m hoping readers will evolve a little with me as we expand beyond Shanghai…

A Xinjiang Trade Fair in Tashkent

I shared earlier that I was in Uzbekistan doing some documentary work on Chinese influence in Central Asia. Some of my photography has been appearing on the project…