Sue Anne

Heritage architecture in Penang

Things have been a tad quiet of late. After a hectic work schedule, I took a few days off to spend Christmas with my family back in Singapore….

Help Portait 2013 02

Success! Help Portrait Shanghai 2013

This past Saturday, the Help Portrait Shanghai crew met in the outskirts of metropolitan Shanghai in Pudong, outfitted in face masks. The Linzhao Xincun metro station faced a massive…

Artist in residence 03

Propaganda artist in residence

Weaving through the lanes near Yu Gardens (豫园) or north of Old Town in Xiaonanmen (小南门), whose layout had been hugely disrupted by carelessly erected temporary walls, blind turns and open sewers, it…


Cosplay* in the lanes

Even in the dusky evening, it was hard to miss the bulbous head of pink hair. I sprinted after her, nearly crashing into her back. “Hey! Sorry, can I…

The house behind that wall 01

Life behind the wall

It can be claustrophobic in the alleys, especially when the backs of the shikumen apartments sit so closely to one another; it feels they are closing in. Hengfeng Lane (恒丰里) along the leafy…

Rolling out the red carpet

Rolling out the red carpet

I rounded a bend in a quiet lane and found him sweeping studiously. The rolled up red carpet seemed a bit random in a residential neighborhood. “What are you…