Shikumen Entrance Facade Art Deco 01

Art Deco influence on Shanghai’s shikumen

We all know that Art Deco has had a major influence in Shanghai starting from the 1930s at the peak of its Concession-era building boom. This city boasts one of the most…


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Tongchuan Fish Market 04

Fresh seafood on Tongchuan Lu

A few months ago, I joined a few friends for lunch at Tongchuan Lu Seafood market (海鲜美食街) located on Tongchuan Lu (铜川路) near Lanxi Lu (兰溪路) in Putuo…

2 degrees Shanghai

Wet and windy

They had called for snow and rain, and by they, I mean the local weathermen with their annoying warnings of a cold front. By the time the sun…

Przewalski's horse Wild Horse of Xinjiang Mongolia

Year of the (Przewalski’s) Horse

Late December, the Hurstville Library in southern Sydney, Australia, contacted me about participating in an exhibit, “Stories of the Zodiac: Exploring the 12 Animal Signs in Asian Culture” now…